Definition of Ar-Rahnu

  • Ar-Rahnu refers to a Shariah-compliant format of pawning service, equipped with the Islamic economy concept in its application.
  • Ar-Rahnu by Bank Rakyat was launched in 1993.
  • A micro-credit service utilizing gold/gold jewellery as collateral.
  • A small storage fee is charged for the storage of gold and gold jewellery for a certain period of time.

Definition of Ar-Rahnu X’Change

  • The first Shariah-compliant pawning franchise in Malaysia.
  • The franchise business is built through Bank Rakyat’s sharing of its experience and skills in Ar-Rahnu business with franchisees, equipping them with the right capabilities and tools to manage similar Ar-Rahnu operations (cooperative).
  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change is an initiative by Bank Rakyat to develop cooperative businesses in Malaysia.

Francaisor – Rakyat Management Services Sdn Bhd

  • A full subsidiary of Bank Rakyat.
  • A body of professional and experienced Islamic pawning operators, adhering fully to the Islamic format (Ar-Rahnu) for Bank Rakyat.
  • Established to manage the Shariah-compliant pawning franchise aside from being involved with precious metal trading industry, specifically, gold.
  • Facilitating development of cooperatives for Bank Rakyat.
  • Operating from Bank Rakyat Twin Towers.

Benefits of Ar-Rahnu X’Change Franchise Business

  • Ar-Rahnu X’Change is an established brand as an Islamic pawn broking business, therefore by managing its franchise, franchisees will associate themselves with Bank Rakyat’s sound reputation as Ar-Rahnu experts since 1993.
  • The brand name continues to flourish through constant marketing programmes ensuring the growth of its brand.
  • Trained systematically by Ar-Rahnu experts in Ar-Rahnu Bank Rakyat.
  • Starting up business using a tested and proven manual as guideline, ensuring a successful kick off.
  • A systematic registration process that is safe, smooth and friendly. The system has been upgraded and improved several times to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Franchise packages offer high value returns at an affordable cost.